Design Services

With over 12 years of experience at LUXE domain, we’ve been able to identify the three key areas that combine to fulfil our clients’ needs: Interior design, luxury downsizing and concierge services.

By offering this unique combination of services, we hope to offer solutions to the difficulties faced when looking to renovate or relocate:

  • BUSY: Too busy and overwhelmed to deal with anything else, especially making the time to edit items and possessions
  • JUGGLING: Whilst trying to renovate or move they are also dealing with other areas of life eg. kids leaving home, parents are moving into aged care facility and work demandsTRUST: Want to be able to trust someone implicitly to carry out work according to their style and timeline
  • OUTCOME: Want their home to reflect where they are in life at the moment

For more ideas on interior design or luxury downsizing, we would be delighted to discuss how LUXE domain can lighten the load – contact us today.


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