Concierge Services

During the process of our interior design projects or with our luxury downsizing clients, we may need to recommend the services of the following professionals e.g. Fung Shui experts, cultural assistance and wardrobe construction and management. You may even need the services of a gardener to install garden boxes for your veggies or someone to assist in the digitalisation of files … we have the contacts for your every need.

The LUXE domain concierge services are a carefully selected group of professional tradespeople and artisans who offer brilliant workmanship and resources through their many years of experience. They are trustworthy and highly skilled professionals who work towards the best possible outcome for our discerning clients. Members of our group provide a superior service, are delightful to deal with and have tremendous respect for LUXE domain clients, assisting them in finally living the life they’ve always wanted!

Many members of our concierge services have been specially selected, not only for the relevance of their product, but also for their ability to engage with a cross-section of age groups and to understand the issues our older clients may face. By having access to the LUXE domain concierge services, our clients may well be introduced to professionals or artisans who they may not normally encounter, however, their lives may well be enriched by the introduction and they can feel confident they’re up to date with all of the technology, trends and practical solutions available.

If you’re the consumed by the issues of relocating, renovating or downsizing, we’d be delighted to speak with you about how LUXE domain can lighten the load.


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