Luxury Downsizing

Luxury downsizing is gaining momentum in Australia as empty nesters, baby boomers and single person households are embracing the concept of moving to more streamlined residences that are specific to their needs and changing lifestyles. In the process of luxury downsizing the larger, family home is swapped for a slicker, smaller inner-city designer home or apartment, often on the city fringe.

These new residences offer downsizers uncompromised living, delivering generous proportions and versatile living areas and easy outdoor areas with garden aspects or city views. It’s important that when moving to a new home, it provides a new quality of life, usually closer to the city, yet it allows the space for family and friends to visit or stay over.

Part of the luxury of downsizing is that, at last, clients are able to have the colours, finishes and textures they’ve always wanted, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to blend treasured possessions and collections with contemporary pieces of furniture to breathe new life into the home and personal style.

Whilst the decision to downsize can be relatively easy for many, the transition can be exceptionally stressful and difficult. LUXE domain’s expertise lay in streamlining and simplifying this process to make it a far more efficient and enjoyable one. Our mission is that at the conclusion of each project our client’s new spaces reflect their essence and values, and immediately feel like home.

There are 5 core phases of the ‘LUXE Experience’ downsizing process which are:

    1. Lifestyle assessment: A chat and a few questions with you will help us to determine your ideal lifestyle aspirations
    2. Editing of possessions and collections: Even if you do have the time, it’s difficult to know where to start, and how to navigate this often confusing and emotional path. We provide independent guidance, advice and structure to the editing process. We can also incorporate the assistance of our comprehensive concierge services, (for instance, wardrobe consultants, antique and art valuers), should further advice be required.
    3. Interior design and decoration: In most cases moving into a new residence requires, at the least, new window furnishings, rugs, furniture and accessories. We provide a streamlined service for exceptionally busy clients, ensuring that the textures, style and quality are perfect for the new home.
    4. Removal and packing services: Knowing who to use and being assured that your items will arrive at your new residence safely and unpacked professionally is the finishing touch to a seamless transition. We cannot stress the importance of this element highly enough, and the piece of mind that the right team brings.
    5. Moving in, connection of utilities and home technology: This will obviously be the final stage of your relocation, but most importantly it will be our finishing touches that will allow your new residence to immediately feel like home.

Our home relocation coordination includes the selection of removal company, packing services, disconnection/connection of utilities and other minutiae associated tasks. Additionally we offer access to carefully selected contract services and artisans whose expertise includes:

  • Assessment of furniture, antiques and artwork with professional advisors.
  • Consultation with de-cluttering expert to help with documents, clothing, possessions etc.
  • Independent real estate advice for sale or purchase of properties.
  • Future proofing techniques to implement strategies, allowing clients to stay in their new property for as long as possible eg. wheel chair access, etc.
  • Supervise the transfer of home technologies and ensure systems in place are made easy to understand and use.

* Downsizing and relocation services offered to our interior design clients only

For more ideas on home relocation, download our “Twelve Solutions to Downsizing and Home Relocation”. If you’re consumed by the issues of relocating, renovating or downsizing, we’d be delighted to speak with you.


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