• February 9, 2016

2016 Design Trends from Maison & Objet

It is hard to imagine that 2016’s design trends could possibly top such a stylish year as 2015. However, somehow, designers have managed to do it. This year, we have much to look forward to in terms of design inspiration. Recently held in Paris, the Maison & Objet tradeshow grasped the attention of the world’s design industry and those that follow, with their imaginative nature inspired “Wild” theme. With this in mind, contemporary creations were exhibited to summon the wild spirits within nature, evoking materials and forms that help the design world to reconnect with Mother Nature’s elements.

As we sink our teeth into the natural beauty that comes with this year’s design trends, there is much that we have to look forward to.

Home Décor Trends 2016

As the walls within the modern home continue to evolve year after year, those who wish to stay in tune with the latest in home décor trends need not look any further. Read on as we look ahead to some of 2016’s design trends. Here are just a few.

Two-toned kitchen cabinets


Consider a clean and neutral cabinet on top, accented by rustic lower cabinets of various wood tones that bring the feel of the outdoors. Or even the introduction of colours in muted shades of charcoal/grey and pastel greens and blues, which can soften the starkness of a kitchen and tie in beautifully with the marble bench tops and metallic door handles and tap ware. This allows the overall feel and style of the kitchen to cohesively be taken in two totally different directions. Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Coloured stainless steel appliances


The original stainless steel will soon become a thing of the past. This year look for the prominence of sunset bronze and black stainless to replace the existing silver, as both tend to bring in a certain allure that more adequately fuse with design themes this season. Satin metallic finishes add a touch of warmth and glamour and become an extension of the tapware and handles currently on-trend in many kitchens. Image: Whirlpool sunset bronze appliances

Outdoor fabrics


Bringing the outdoors in is right in line with the 2016 design theme. The use of durable outdoor fabrics, along with their natural appeal will make their way inside onto high-traffic living room and dining room furniture. Outdoor fabrics have developed a long way over the years and are now harder to distinguish from indoor fabrics. They are wonderfully resistant to light and stains and are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures. Especially the sophisticated ranges from Dedar, Ionia from Osborne and Little and Link Outdoor. Image: Osborne & Little

Formal dining rooms

Formal dining rooms have more-or-less phased out in the past decade or so. They are expected to make a comeback this year as homeowners again begin to see the value in such a designated living space when entertaining at home. Not only is the room expected to make its way back into popularity, but it is expected that homeowner’s will also be putting immense thought into designing this space. Where again, nature will play a large role in inspiration.

Useable islands


Make way for the kitchen island. Out with the decorative island that seemingly served no purpose and in with the workhorse island – complete with seating, sinks, and cabinet spaces with deep low kitchen drawers and customized inserts/dividers. A central focus, the kitchen will be become an integral smart space of the home and one of convenience. Incorporating state of the art luxury appliances such as steam ovens and heating drawers and charging stations to make life that bit easier. Image: Elle Décor



Even for those homeowners that do not have the luxury of adding or converting a space to a sunroom, we will see them more efficiently carving out space in their home. Even if this simply means making room or a little nook in a corner, to bring in natural light and with it the appeal of the outdoors. Introduce some additional indoor greenery, and the atmosphere will transform into one of relaxation and pleasure surrounded by nature. Image: Pinterest

Living rooms free of technology


What better way to get in touch with nature, to bring on the Wild side, then in a room free of digital technological distractions? Imagine having a serene and ambient sanctuary to enjoy, relax and cut off from the demands of the outside world. Instead of having a large TV screen dominating the wall, replace it with a beautiful piece of artwork. Eliminate the stresses and temptations of technology and learn to embrace the simple pleasures of reading, sitting by the fire and spending time with family and friends. Image: Pinterest

Rustic wood walls


Instead of using a can of paint or wallpaper to jazz up a space, completely transform the look of the room by adding a rustic wood wall. The raw elements create an added textural background, which works beautifully when combined with other materials such as metallics, linens, and stone. Even nature inspired woven light pendants, rattan furniture and handmade artisan pieces can be added to continue the wild theme and add contrast and appeal to the scheme. Image – Elle Decor

As we look forward to embracing the new trends of 2016’s design inspirations, we follow the lead of Maison & Objet to “reinject some nature into our urban space”. Reinvent yourself and your home in 2016. Get in touch with your wild side.

Reinvent yourself and your home in 2016. Get in touch with your wild side.

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