• February 26, 2014

Design Process for Interiors

Design-Process-Luxe-DomainWhen we design a space, we look first at its functionality.  We consider the room and the age and stage of everyone in the family (including pets) who will use it. This determines the flooring, lighting and traffic patterns and whether food and drink will be consumed in the space.

The scale of the furniture follows, which existing pieces fit in the space and what pieces will need to be purchased. It’s also vital to assess whether the furniture and floor finishes will be exposed to direct sunlight, to determine the fabrics and finishes they’re made from.

Proper positioning of the furniture takes into account traffic flow and the best use of the room, creating conversation areas, and the placement of artworks and objet.

The next step is to determine what colours to be used in the space.  As the client you’re asked what colours you naturally gravitate towards and which ones you dislike. Then, it’s important for you to consider whether you’d prefer, for example, the calm and elegance of a particular colour scheme carried throughout your whole home or the energy and excitement of different colours for different areas.

It’s helpful to collect magazine clippings of interiors you like and to have in mind which existing pieces of furniture, artwork and objet you like to carry through to your new or renovated space.  These are the pieces, which make your new space home rather than reminiscent of a furniture showroom.

Window furnishings and how much light and privacy you need or whether the outside view is one you’d like to see or block out, would be our next consideration.

Lastly, we look at accent pieces, your artwork and accessories, which bring the scheme together! A beautiful bespoke cushion might cost, but will be the one element that makes the whole room ‘pop’!

Carefully placed, these pieces can disguise a room’s flaws; as an example a small room can be made larger with the installation of a mirror or a painting with great depth.

It is also with these pieces that your true personality is communicated and your living space becomes uniquely yours.

Would you like us to help you design ambient, unique, aesthetic, and functional schemes, which create the beautiful spaces you’ve always dreamed of? We are here to help you – contact us.


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