• February 26, 2014

Set a Scene to Your Entrance

entrances-hallway-luxe-domainThe entrance to a home is vital in terms of setting a scene. It provides the transition from outside to in and it is still a neutral space into which you invite everyone in from loved ones to strangers.
Feng shui considers the entrance an important area of the home, because it is where you want to entice and capture positive energy before it travels through the rest of the house.From a practical sense, the entrance is the first port of call for bags, keys, mail, coats, shoes and umbrellas, beyond the people who pass through it. It’s therefore essential that these items are dealt with in a practical way, to avoid a build up of clutter and keep the entrance beautiful and inviting.THE ENTRANCE SHOULD DELIGHT YOU!
The entrance allows a sneak peak of what’s further inside. A sumptuous and fabulous vignette created with a mirror, artwork, console and other items in the entrance can really help to set the tone for your homeA hall is not just a passageway, it’s an extra room which helps to extend the living space. Even a small hall, carefully designed can provide a visual welcome, as well as valuable hanging space for artworks or beautiful shelves for book storage.

Wider halls are rare today, but they give a home the sense of abundance, providing more space and flexibility. A lamp on a small table at the end of a hall will entice people along its way, as would a painting with real depth. A passageway should always lead to an interesting vista.

As with the entrance of the house, it’s best to keep clutter at bay to allow easy passage. Lighting provided by sconces help to enhance mood and lead people, like a river, from one area of the home to another.

Kym Lackmann


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