• January 11, 2016

The Benefits of Using an Interior Designer

The choice to involve an interior designer for your project can be a decision that many only dream of. In fact, most people think that it is a luxury service only afforded by the wealthy and elite. However, as Kym Lackmann, principal designer from LUXE domain explains, there are a number of significant benefits to working with a designer that can save you significant time and money.

Why should I use an interior designer and how important is it that we are a good fit with each other?

If the opportunity arises everyone should avail themselves of the services of a professional as there are very real advantages for anyone who chooses to use one, for example:

  • Experienced and trained decorators and designers are experts in their field, who spend a lot of their time delivering design solutions to various interior dilemmas on a daily basis
  • An interior decorator or designer will help to articulate your essence, values and requirements to deliver a truly bespoke result
  • They will project manage your renovation or home improvements by instructing work rooms, coordinating orders and deliveries whilst attending to all other details normally associated with any project
  • Often my clients find it valuable to have an objective opinion when they are struggling to decide what to keep and what not to in creating the scheme of their dreams
  • Take care during the selection process because you need to be able to work with someone who is sensitive to your needs and who you feel comfortable talking to…even though your relationship is professional it is also quite personal, so you need to be able to trust them and their tradespeople implicitly

As early as possible, particularly with a larger project. Once you start talking to architects and builders it’s a good idea to involve the interior designer at this stage as well, so they can assist with colours and finishes, guaranteeing a more polished result. When I’m developing an overall colour scheme it’s important to be able to incorporate all the finishes including flooring, tiles, wallpapers and paint colours. And, because I have taken into account all my clients possessions, including their various collections I will have a better understanding of the floor plans and where power points, picture lights and other display options need to be placed.

How much time can it save me?

These days it seems we’re all living incredibly busy lives and particularly If you’re working full time you wont be able to research or access suppliers for your interior scheme. After carefully listening to my clients and sourcing the appropriate choices most in line with their needs, I prefer to give my clients a maximum of 2 or 3 choices. The choices are brought to the client and at a time, which suits their busy schedule. A good designer will have established relationships with unique and high quality suppliers and be able to source items as quickly as possible.

What are the costs involved and how will it save me money?

Most interior decorators and designers will charge an hourly rate or a scheme rate and in addition, they will charge a commission on work carried out and on products purchased on the client’s behalf. However, those products will be purchased at trade or decorator rates, which cost less than the retail price. The major savings come with the wealth of knowledge and expertise being made available to you as well as the time and energy saved in sourcing fabrics, furniture, light fittings, rugs and accessories. The number of times my clients have regretted purchasing a sofa or a dining setting which overwhelms their living space. In other instances they’ve used in-store decorators who have produced schemes for them lacking soul and variation.

What else can I gain from the experience?

When the interior spaces of your home are properly designed and decorated they immediately acquire a streamlined elegance, which is a joy to come home to. You’re surrounded by order and your precious pieces, which give you a heightened ability to maintain a meaningful life. During the process of the project you would have learned along the way and made a number of choices which will guarantee ownership over the scheme. This in itself will mean that your residence will not acquire a ‘designed’ look but rather will immediately feel like your home.

Another advantage to a regularly maintained and updated home is that it will hold its inherent value and should you need to, after a little styling, it can be placed on the market immediately for sale.

If you are working on a new project and would like to know more about how we can save you time and money, please contact us.

Kym Lackmann


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