• February 26, 2014

Why your Living Room Sets the Style for your Home

Despite the relative informality of our lives now, the living room still sets the style for the house and is one of the hardest-working rooms. It’s occupied by both friends and family is informal and formal and it experiences the greatest wear and tear.

Beautiful, but unsused

If you’re lucky enough to have a ‘formal’ living room, the danger is that it is beautifully decorated but seldom used. Then its purpose and role needs to be re- addressed so that it is used more often. In Feng shui, a large unused space, no matter how beautiful, builds up negative (yin) energy.

Most living rooms today are arranged with family life and entertaining in mind. They are larger, lighter spaces that may combine sitting, dining and kitchen areas.

Ideally, your living room should feel spacious and comfortable when everyone is at home but cozy when you are relaxing on your own. You can achieve this simply by your favourite armchair being on castors and can be drawn closer to a window for reading and looking out onto the garden.

Your dining room – a feast in itself

The dining area plays an important role in establishing a sense of ceremony and ritual in the family.

Dining rooms are a feast for all senses. They provide the ideal opportunity to introduce a rich colour scheme which adds drama and enhances the ambience of the space. A rich red colour for example, will help to create a cozy dining area as well as stimulate the appetite!

Sideboards and the centre of dining tables are tailor made areas to create vignettes with the use of candles, beautiful bowls, fruit and lamps. If you have space for the storage of an assortment of placemats and linen you’ll be able to create different settings for every occasion!

The dining area plays an important role in establishing a sense of ceremony and ritual in the family so it must be easily used and used often.


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