Interiors and Downsizing

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Moving into a new residence after selling the large family home, can be a daunting process. Not only are there lots of decisions to be made during the building process, but it’s also the emotional journey of saying goodbye to lots of memories and choosing what to bring with you for your new space. Our lovely client was faced with all of these challenges. After the passing of her beloved husband and with all of her children moved out of home, it was time to move into a more containable apartment with less maintenance and upkeep.

Once this decision had been made and the new apartment had been purchased, our client found herself sitting in a new space, slightly overwhelmed with where to start next. With a long wish list, the main priorities were window finishes and joinery. An avid reader, it was important to have a dedicated space in the study to house a cherished book collection, and the existing wobbly bookcase wasn’t going to suit. This is where customized joinery is a wonderful option – to make a unit that is specific to your needs and fits perfectly into the right space. A bookshelf set above cupboards was an ideal combination to store documents and display all of the books. To be two-packed to match the wall colour, this finish blends into the scheme and looks like it came installed with the apartment.

Window furnishings were another high priority as the late summer sun was quite fierce in the afternoons. As the apartment is west facing, the need to create a barrier from the heat and soften the space was a necessity. After discussing colour schemes, we decided to steer away from the previous pinks, reds and burgundy palette, and create a fresh, new serene feel with greens and blues. The joy on our client’s face when presented with the beautiful new sheers and fabrics for curtains was a lovely moment. With an outlook onto a private patio, we envisaged the breeze flowing through the sheers in the late afternoon or having the option to close the curtains for a little relaxation.

As is always the case, an apartment off the plan or display suite, is different to being in the actual space. Our client found her new apartment to be much larger than she presumed. Which is a wonderful problem to have, as she needs to accommodate family staying from interstate and overseas. But in saying this, the range of furniture and artwork brought into the apartment appeared small in scale for the open plan living arrangement. Our aim is to bring some cohesiveness throughout the whole scheme and tie everything together.

Sometimes the enormity of the project can be so large, that we suggest proceeding at a speed, which is the most suitable – this may be more leisurely pace piece by piece or room by room. Keeping in mind the overall scheme, but spacing out the decision making process so that it is not too overwhelming. Our current stage is to inject some LUXE into the powder room. Small touches can go a long way in introducing a layered palette to the overall scheme. We’ve chosen to use a beautiful textured duck egg wallpaper with muted gold flecks throughout.

A sense of relief and excitement has now taken over from the initial feelings of trepidation and fear. After adjusting to using the high-tech security system and starting to meet a few like-minded neighbours in the apartment complex who have also downsized for a new life, a brighter future is ahead.

Kym Lackmann


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