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These clients live in a large family home but have found after their children left they were rarely using living spaces, which ultimately needed to be ‘refunctioned’.

As ‘dining’ has become less formal they found they weren’t using the dedicated dining space nearly so much and they were also finding the furniture in the adjoining formal living area too ‘heavy’ and dark. As a consequence the two adjoining spaces were rarely being used.

As the project progressed, the existing furniture was passed on to family members and understanding our clients’ appreciation of art and design, we purchased two Italian mid-century armchairs, a large and lighter toned antique rug, coffee tables and a new, super comfortable and elegant sofa.

We also moved a beautiful Italian glass top round table from one of the client’s board rooms to the other end of the living space for easy and more intimate entertaining…which could also double up as a desk during the day.

As a result, our clients and children, when visiting, use these spaces much more. These few adjustments and investment in new furniture has allowed them to stay and utilise their large family home for longer before feeling the need to sell and downsize.