Luxury Downsizing

By 2014 Kym recognised a growing trend with clients needing help, downsizing to luxurious apartments or townhouses. During this period Luxe Domain saw an opportunity to redefine the design/relocation industries by bringing sophisticated design and the finest relocation and sorting professionals together in one smooth, elegant and stress free process.

The focus is on curating existing belongings, maximising space for the things that matter, and purchasing contemporary furniture which will help to breathe new life into the old.

Often when people first view their new apartment or townhouse they can feel overwhelmed with the sense of white space. We want our clients to feel assured that after we’ve worked our magic their new residence will reflect their personal essence and values, and will immediately be a home they adore.

Our unique process (we have developed to help our clients) is as follows:

The Lifestyle Discovery – it’s important for you to be able to identify and freely express the unique lifestyle you want to live in your new home… no longer do you need to compromise the way you live.

Empathetic Editing – this is where we chat about which of your items have the most meaning and will transition successfully into your new home. It is also where we complete a visual inventory by identifying which items are to be sold, given to family members or donated…and yes, we can help you sell the excess items!

Personalised Decor – Not everyone is confident in designing interior spaces which truly reflect their unique identity. We feel it’s essential that your personality defines your spaces rather than the new spaces defining you. We also complete your relocation making sure that everything is fully functional and all the elements come together, creating a fully resolved and beautiful home.

Relocation – when it comes to relocating, we consider it essential to find the right ‘white glove’ professionals and relocation experts for your particular needs and we supervise the move for the smoothest possible transition.

Style and Connect – to complete this process for you, we finesse the styling of your new home and connect the internet, audio visual, TV and landline phone, if required.