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This couple downsized from a large family home which had accommodated 3 grown boys. In anticipation of spending their semi-retirement travelling more, they relocated to an apartment complex. Two apartments were purchased and merged together in one of Melbourne’s most iconic 60’s developments.

The two apartments were gutted and dividing walls were removed. Our clients’ priorities were for the new apartment to have plenty of entertaining space (particularly for visiting family and grandchildren), a generous study and guest accommodation.

We camouflaged the low ceiling, a feature of 60’s architecture, by the use of high gloss paint, applying the same colour to both walls and ceiling, which successfully removed any delineation of ceiling line. The architects for the project cleverly incorporated a moveable wall to temporarily divide the large study into a smaller study and guest suite for extra accommodation, when required.

When work first started on this project, Kym was asked by the clients to visit their storage facility to help choose which pieces of furniture, artworks and antiques which would work with the design for the new apartment. It was around these pieces that the design concept was created, including all surface finishes, fixtures, lighting and new furniture and soft furnishings.

These clients have been thrilled with the sophisticated and inviting incarnation of their apartment, and they appreciate its proximity to parkland, shops and restaurants, and to the CBD. They also enjoy a terrific camaraderie with other apartment owners in the complex.