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Moving, downsizing or renovating a home represents significant shifts and challenges in anyone’s life. At LUXE domain, our specialty, in fact our passion, is eliminating your stress and enabling your seamless transition to a new home that you truly love.

LUXE domain understands the importance of creating beautiful ambient spaces tailored to your desires and evolving needs. To capture your perfect personal style we work closely with you, articulating your design vision, and finding the right balance between classic and innovation. From functional space planning and elegant room design, to specifics such as curtain making, upholstery and furniture sourcing, we create new living spaces to better reflect a new lifestyle.

Extensive experience in renovation and decoration allows us to offer highly practical and cost effective solutions, tailored to individual budgetary requirements for all projects. Coupled with our vast knowledge of finishes, textiles and colour schemes, the finished project will be both harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

Our purpose at LUXE domain is to create for you a real sense of luxury and sophistication, which we do by introducing great functionality, richness, texture and beauty. Our exclusive access to a range of concierge services including specialists, tradespeople, artists and artisans of the highest professional standards and expertise will save you time and money.

If your children have left, you are now free to create the home you’ve always wanted…the finishes, the colours, the furniture you’ve dreamt of. When downsizing from a larger residence, it’s important that your new home is able to adapt to changing situations. With mindful consideration to architectural features, such as moveable walls, your new residence will be able to accommodate visiting friends and grandchildren. In designing your new space, LUXE domain will carefully plan for how it will be used, now, and in the future. This ‘future proofing’ involves consideration of your age,health and lifestyle to ensure strategies are in place that allow you to stay in your home for as long as possible. Furthermore, this foresight better positions your home so that it is easily saleable when the time comes, removing the stress of trying to sell a niche property.

The final touch to any interior scheme should be the creation of ambience. Why is it so important? By creating a wonderful ambience for your home, not only will visitors experience a charming escapism,, but you i have a space which is fundamentally you, and all the elements of mood and comfort you embrace. It is the ambience of your house which ultimately makes it your home.
If you too, are consumed by the issues of downsizing, renovating or refreshing your interiors, rest assured you are not alone.

Please contact us at LUXE domain and we would be delighted to ease your burden.


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