Our Services

1)   Luxury downsizing

Selling the family home for an apartment or townhouse is an exciting time. But at Luxe Domain, we know downsizing can bring mixed emotions, including anxiety over logistics and how to blend old favourite pieces with contemporary treasures in your new modern dream residence.

At our Armadale studio, we’re Australia’s only interior design business with a focus on luxury downsizing. Our full concierge service includes editing your belongings then combining your special pieces with a memorable, refined interiors concept.

Over 20 years we’ve pulled together a wonderful little black book of experienced and expert trades. We’re specialists at creating remarkable homes for professional and executive clients who know the value and joy of delegating.

We do it all.  The end result will feel totally like you.

2)  Tree change/Seachange

A move to the country or coast is your opportunity to adopt a more relaxed lifestyle surrounded by edited treasures and new contemporary furniture and artworks. It’s your time—to embrace a natural aesthetic free of formalities, urban expectations and children’s left over belongings.

3)  Home refresh

Your home may be dated but you don’t want the fuss and expense of selling and moving away from friends and favourite cafés and shops. Luxe Domain can work with you to redefine spaces, declutter, increase storage options, improve functionality and flow and create a new and exciting look.

How our Luxury Downsizing, Relocation or Refresh process works:

Our Lifestyle Discovery session identifies your likes, dislikes and vision for your home, including style, comfort and functionality.

Empathetic Editing: together, we decide which furniture and artwork will transition into your new or new-look home. With inventory done, we sell, donate or forward excess pieces. Our team of ‘white glove’ specialists will do all the packing and dispatching while we supervise your stress-free move.

We design the new interiors to reflect your personality, incorporating additional cabinetry if required, to tie in with the new building’s aesthetics

We procure all purchases, oversee trades and specialised workrooms making your custom furnishings.

Style and connect: we fine tune the styling of your possessions then take care of practicalities such as connecting the internet, audio-visual, TV and phone lines. Welcome home.