Our Services

Luxury Downsizing

Once you have decided that a more streamlined lifestyle would suit your needs, we set about creating a life of freedom, simplicity and ease for you.

Downsizing and decluttering is a cathartic and uplifting process, bringing with it clarity and perspective that helps you to define and articulate how you want to enjoy the future.

Together we curate your existing belongings with the new space in mind. We inject new energy into the items you love, maximise space for the things that matter, and fashion a new environment for the way you want to live now and in the future.

Tree change / Sea change

Away from the city, a move to the country or down the coast is an ideal opportunity to adopt a more relaxed lifestyle. This can be a time to embrace a natural aesthetic free of formalities and urban expectations.

Home re-birth

Selling, and all the accompanying fuss and expense, may not be the ideal solution when your home has ceased to feel right. Luxe Domain can work with you to redefine spaces, declutter, increase storage options, improve functionality and flow, and create a new and exciting look.

Five-Step Process:

Our signature Five-Step Process outlines how Luxe Domain works with you from the beginning of a project to its completion.

Lifestyle Discovery – We help you discover the lifestyle that’s right for your future, and your vision for your home. Together, we create the style, comfort and functionality you crave.

Empathetic Editing – Which items will transition into your new home and items we can help you sell, give away or donate? This process may seem intimidating, but it can also be exciting, cathartic and uplifting.

Personalised Decor – Working together, we design interior spaces that truly reflect your identity and support the way you live.

Relocation – We find the right ‘white glove’ relocation experts and supervise the move for the smoothest possible transition.

Style and Connect – This is the final step. Sit back and allow us to complete your new home. It’s a service not many other design companies offer. We fine-tune the styling and take care of practicalities, such as connecting the internet, audio-visual, TV and phone lines. Welcome home.