• February 26, 2014

The Importance of Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchen-bathroom-luxe-domainKitchens are the soul of the home. The modern kitchen has to be the most adaptable room in the house given that it has to perform so many functions….cooking, entertaining, the work room and the family hub.

There is also more technology in the kitchen than in any other room, so everything must be carefully thought out in terms of design and accessibility.

The details in your kitchen will set yours apart from any other. The materials used for counter tops, door profiles and hardware are all excellent vehicles for expressing your style.

Above all else, the layout in your kitchen is the single most important detail (I think the layout is more than a detail, can you insert another word here, perhaps design element?) to perfect and this is where you would benefit from expert advice.

Smaller kitchens tend to work better than bigger kitchens requiring less walking as the ‘working triangle’ is more compact.

Placement of drawers near the dish washing machine and room for spreading out when dishing up your meals are just two of many important considerations.

Your kitchen needs to function well first.  Then you can place the elements that create warmth and elegance to fulfill everyday life in the hub of your home.

Like kitchens, bathrooms have set requirements that should be adhered to. As well as looking gorgeous (think luxury hotel) our bathrooms need to be practical. Interestingly, this is often the room people who are purchasing a property scrutinize more than any other in the house.

The main themes in today’s bathrooms are luxurious, calm and contemporary and offer a more private retreat than our bedrooms.

Kym Lackmann


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