• June 9, 2015

Wardrobe Systems and Solutions

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Does your wardrobe reflect your filing system? We use effective strategies and processes in the work environment, so doesn’t it make sense to implement them at home to make your wardrobe a more structured working space? Efficiency and style start from the wardrobe. When we are happy with the systems in place, everything runs smoothly, eliminating additional stress from our lives.

A maintained and orderly wardrobe comes with practical planning. However, a badly organised space can leave you with nothing more than a disaster! Mornings are not the best time to be wasting time in your wardrobe. Minimise the time it takes to get ready and organise your outfit and accessories the night before. You will be less stressed and worried, allowing you to focus on your professional day ahead. It’s important to remember that each person is different and has individual needs when it comes to designing a wardrobe. Perhaps you have a collection of sunglasses, hats or even shoes that you are proud of and want to display. What is the best way to store, access and categorise these collections to create a space tailored to your needs? An ‘eye for style’! That is the key element to a great wardrobe design, but how do we achieve this look? A custom wardrobe is a luxury that should be invested in. By having a clean, uncluttered and organised wardrobe, you are able to access and most importantly maximise your investment pieces. Focus on what you need and what will last and build your wardrobe around this consistent theory. When you implement systems for you and your wardrobe, life can become so much easier. Here are our best tips for creating a great wardrobe:

  1. Assess your storage space. If your existing wardrobe area does not work in conjunction with your clothing, accessories and shoes, don’t be afraid to see what needs tweaking to let your wardrobe shine and work for you.
  2. Compile different combinations to wear. Once you have identified your staple pieces, it’s a great idea to look at possible options to mix and match – tops, scarves, shoes and jewellery can all change a look, but it’s knowing in advance what combinations work that eliminates time and stress when getting ready.
  3. Colour code your wardrobe. This helps you to coordinate your outfits efficiently.
  4. View all items (or as many as possible). Make sure you have storage units in place to see your clothes. Hang as much as you can and don’t forget… if you don’t see it, you will forget about it and probably won’t wear it.
  5. Space for laundered items. Have a laundry basket/drawer placed in your wardrobe with bin liners. This is a great way to simplify your laundry process.

If you need help to revive your existing wardrobe, why not contact the qualified image consultants at Style Confidante to help you get rid of the clutter and bring it to life. Alternatively, if you have wardrobe design queries, please contact us at LUXE domain to assist in creating a beautifully tailored & ambient wardrobe space info@luxedomain.com

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