• February 26, 2014

Your Bedroom is a Haven

Bedroom-Luxe-DomainQuite often bedrooms are the last rooms to receive design attention but if you think about it, we spend so much of our time there – around one third of our lives are spent in bed!

The bedroom is your sanctuary away from the rest of the house and the outside world. Even as adults a sense of security while you sleep is important and comfort and calm are essential to that.In addition, a luxury bedroom requires workable clothing storage, appropriate and beautiful window furnishings and fabulous bed linen.It’s all too easy to be tempted to use our bedrooms as added storage space or as a home office.

From a feng shui perspective this is a definite ‘no no’.The bedroom is the space where you should be able to switch off and just relax. Clutter under the bed only serves to capture and hold negative energy and stacked up papers will only serve to remind you of work that needs to be done.Your bedroom should be the closest thing you have to a haven. It is vital you indulge all your aesthetic and comfort fantasies in this most precious space.

If you’re the consumed by the issues of relocating, renovating or downsizing, we’d be delighted to talk you about how LUXE Domain lightens the load. Contact us.


Kym Lackmann


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