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The brief: to update a dark and heavily timbered apartment to a modern, light filled city retreat for country clients.

Started and paused through Covid lockdowns, this project began with removal of all dark brown window shutters and black blinds and proceeded with sanding and polishing timber floors for a lighter finish. All walls were repainted, and dark timber doors and window frames were painted to match. Custom window furnishings and bedheads were installed, along with new rugs, furniture, light fittings, artworks and accessories. The kitchen was fitted out with utensils and appliances and the bedrooms with all linens.

Living room artwork ‘On the other side’, study artwork ‘Play’, guest bedroom artwork ‘Diamonds’ – courtesy of artist, Amelia Lackmann.

Dining room artwork ‘Darling ridge’ – artist Michelle Breton, from Thierry B Gallery.

Guest bedroom artwork ‘Shifting shadows’ – artist Sue Woolnough, from Metropolis Art.

Entry artwork ‘Bloom & Forever’ – artist Catherine Fitzgerald, from Bluethumb.