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For this project we assisted a couple who were moving from their rural property into a smaller city residence. The space was to be used by themselves and other adult members of their family when they’re in Melbourne.

The brief from our clients was that they wanted a sophisticated and calm space, using a predominantly cool (blues) colour palette. And, they wanted everything they could possibly need for visiting family.

Initially the apartment needed a bit of work in terms of re-polishing parquetry floor boards, altering electrical wiring, re-painting and re-honing marble used in bathrooms. Once these were attended to we proceeded with window furnishings throughout, the acquisition of artworks, lighting, custom furniture, linens and laundry appliances. The artwork of Australian bush painted by artist Emma Stuart provided a wonderful focal point for the main living areas of the apartment. We then finished with complete fit out of the kitchen, indoor and outdoor plants and outdoor furniture… down to cushions, sewing kit, books and accessories.