Lucie Rie pottery

19 Jun 2023

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Lucie Rie was an Austrian-born British potter, born in 1902. Rie moved to London to flee Nazi Austria. Best remembered for her brightly coloured, delicate vase, bottle and bowl Modernist forms.

Key developments in Rie’s career, include creating glazes with flowing or volcanic textures, as well as combining coloured clays before throwing to produce upward spiral patterns.

Rie once said: “To make pottery is an adventure to me, every new work is a new beginning.”

She worked well into her 80’s and passed away at the age of 93.

Rie’s pottery is displayed around the world in Museum of Modern Art, NY; York Art Gallery, UK; Carnegie Museum of Art, and her studio was moved and reconstructed in the new ceramics gallery in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.