Fabric inspiration

25 Jul 2023

Posted at 5:12h in Blog by luxeAdmin

I’m forever inspired by fabrics but one I found recently really captured my eye!

‘Lacis’ in the celadon colourway, is part of the L’ENOVOLÉ FANTASTIQUE collection by Lelievre Paris. An upholstery fabric, in the following photos it’s used for a corner armchair and in a mid-century sofa, both of which look beautiful, and incredibly fresh and elegant.

The pattern is ‘pinned’ with a matt thread, revealing velvet in a geometric pattern, reminiscent of a tartan.

Available in six colourways but without doubt, the celadon does it for me and I cannot wait to specify this fabric in the near future. I’m thinking either for ‘squarish’ armchairs or sofa, or a modern headboard with simple lines.

Available from South Pacific Fabrics.