Home office tips

09 May 2023

Posted at 5:54h in Blog by luxeAdmin
  • Comfortable and ergonomic chair to work in, as well as good sized desk for laptop and screens if required…making sure that both of these are beautiful as well as being functional, which will immediately motivate you to sit and use the space!
  • Access to power points so you can set up a small printer, shredder and charging station
  • Great light…lots of natural light if possible, as well as ample lamp light
  • Storage for papers, pencils/pens and other office paraphernalia…either drawers on casters or baskets on shelving near by
  • Choose somewhere you’ll be reasonably cool in summer and warm in winter…I’m always miserable if my ankles are cold in winter, so often I’ll work with a blanket thrown over my legs
  • A lovely rug underneath your chair and desk will not only feel good it will help reduce noise levels as well
  • Being situated near a window is always nice so that you can observe street activity…and not feel so cooped up away from everyone else; also, so you can open for fresh air and let in natural light
  • Make the space as aesthetically appealing as possible. If you plan to conduct Zoom sessions, invest in a beautiful piece of artwork or attractively arrange your bookshelves to have as your back drop…When on a Zoom session myself, I’m always fascinated by other peoples selection of art and what books they have in their shelves!